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Elevator is a indispensable part of the city

 Elevator is quite indispensable to indoor transportation in the city,modern Elevator mainly consists of traction machine(winch),guide rail,counterweight,safety device(such as lift switch,safety gear,buffer and so on),Signal operating system,lift car and landing door,etc.Ans all of the above parts are installed in the hoistway and machine room severally.The running of the elevator is achieved by the wire rope friction. The Steel wire rope rounds the traction machine,one side connects the lift car and the other side connects the counterweight,a motor drives the traction machine to lift and land the lift car.A elevator is requested to be dependable,with higher transport efficiency, with landing accuracy and comfort to take and so on.The basic parameters of the elevator include :rated loading capacity,Maximum human Capacity,rated speed,lift car size,and hoisyway for ,ect.

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