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Matters need pay attention to when using a dumb waiter

Matters need pay attention to when using a dumb waiter

     We can meet many dumb waiters in our life,they can help people save much energy,time and money,they make good/food transport much more convenient,and they easy to control.

     We will talk about what matters when using them:

1.First of all,we should pay attention to the blew about the maintenance:
After the elevator working a period of time,watch out the traction wheel, put oil to the gear.
2.The guide rail should stay covered by oil.
The gap between guide rope and axis should be covered by oil.

3.Traction rape should be covered by oil in case of slipping.
4.After working a period of time,if it can not land accuracy,check the traction gap if stays close,and check if the screws are loose.Then adjust the location of Magnetic Sensor to make sure the accuracy.
     5.When the elevator are found dead landing door,check the door lock,and car door rampg gate,or the door rape slip out of the gap.
     6.When the landing is open or close,but the pilot light do not feedback,you should check the door interlock switch.
     7.Need to repair once every six months


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