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Our dumb waiter's performance can be compared to import-brand elevator.

We provide variety of dumb waiters with complete specifications. Our products are widely serviced for Hotel,Hospital,Bank,enterprise dining room,Library,Kindergarten,Factory,Shopping Center,Post Office and so on.They are widely used for transferring food,dishes,commodities,books,medicine and so on. The Structure of the Dumb waiters are made of Steel Frame and Stainless steel Elevator car.It will be much more convenient and much easier for the clients because the Dumb Waiter has its own machine room,the clients will not need specially room for the traction machine,they also don¡¯t need embed the holder when designing the hoistway.The Dumb Waiter could be your best choices due to its stable structure and running system.All the elevators we provide are completely based on GB 25194-2010 and EN8.1-3-2000. In the recently years,we have brought in the international advanced technologies and design concepts,through combining them with our traditional advantage ,we have produced the updating TWJ series dumb waiter .The existing TWJ has more stable running system and longer using life, Its performance can be compared to import-brand elevator.


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